The Riviera along the Adriatic Sea

Lately, tourists are heading to Croatia to get a taste of what this upcoming island has to offer. Located along Croatia’s Riviera, Dubrovnik has become a hot spot for people who love the beach blended with culture.

This celebrity-worthy island boasts big shot visitors such as Richard Gere Jay-Z and Beyoncé. It is a refreshing alternative for people who love European seaside spaces as it is enveloped in the fascinating culture and quiet communities. 

In the fall, temperatures come down to between 60 and 80 Fahrenheit during the golden hours, making it the perfect time for beach lounging and swimming. However, further examination reveals that this hub of serene spaces has more to offer than sandy beaches and blue waters. 

The Game of Thrones Tour of Dubrovnik

It was a stunner in its own right, but its fame was recently enhanced when it became a backdrop for HBO’s hugely popular series Game of Thrones. If you are a fan, be ready to visit King’s Landing in all its glory.

Though you will have to climb up 1275 flights of stairs, the view at the top is fit for kings as it is where the Lovrijenac Fortress is situated. From here, you will see the site of the tournament honoring the fictional King Joffrey.

After a twenty-minute drive just outside Dubrovnik, you will meet the lush 15th-century Trsteno Arboretum that was responsible for all the palace garden scenes. For a fully authentic experience, splurge in the Game of Thrones tour from Calvados Club. 

The Buža Bars

Few people know Dubrovnik for its bars; however, those who do know two exceptional posts because of their unique setting. Buža, or ‘hole in the wall,’ is what you will find, where each of the spots is cut into the sea-facing cliffs that support Dubrovnik’s City Walls.

Each faces the beautiful endless waters if the Adriatic. One of the bars also has sunbathing spots and access to the Adriatic through metal steps below. The second bar has a tranquil and organized feel perfect for relaxation. Cold drinks and spectacular views are what you can expect from these two places. 

The Franciscan Monastery

If you manage to tear yourself away from the sites and beverages, seek a tranquil option, and visit the Franciscan Monastery. This peaceful cloister is the perfect place to get away from the crowds and enjoy a serene environment. It is home to one of the oldest pharmacies in the world that is still operating. It is located in the inner courtyard by a peaceful garden. It implements styles and vessels from past centuries channeling days when alchemy was an inexact science.

The D’vino

Wine is an integral part of this coastal region, so no trip would be complete without a signature glass of wine from the best. Visit D’vino, a charming wine place hidden within Palmotićeva Street off the main Stradun. Enjoy a glass of local wine untainted, rich in color, and possessing vibrant flavors. A sip of this wine may be enough to make you stay forever. 

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