The last Grand Duchy in the World

People rarely visit landlocked countries simply because they love the beach. Countries without beaches rarely get any attention from tourists because who does not like sitting beside the ocean or sea for a quiet time?

My friend who works at Plano hardscaping was telling me that one country in Europe has proven to attract tourists without the sandy shores that many run towards. Situated in the heart of Europe, nestled between Germany, Belgium, and France, Luxembourg has done what was thought impossible.

Sure it has no beaches, but there is a reason why tourists are flooding this little country year after year. It is filled with castles, quirky and charming towns filled with friendly locals. If you are a fan of history, you will have made the right decision to visit this historical country.

Elegant Castles

If you need a good reason to visit Luxembourg, the elegant castles should draw you right in. The country is home to the most amazing castles in the world, from Renaissance Style Châteaux to Medieval Ruins, that even have torture chambers.

These breathtaking sights will take you back to how the rich and royal lived their expensive lives. Be sure to check out the most famous spots, including the two castles of Beaufort, and the straight out of a fairytale castle of Vianden.

Country-Side Walks

What Luxembourg lacks in beaches, she makes up for in the countryside. It is the perfect place to take long walks as it has plenty of scenic routes that will introduce you to beautiful landscapes. Gentle lakesides are perfect for afternoon strolls, and if you are feeling adventurous, you could trek up the many mountain tops. From Luxembourg City, you can easily explore either side of the country, so opt to stay in the city.

Historical Hub

Luxembourg is the home to many museums, galleries, and cultural highlights that will stun you. In Luxembourg City alone, you will find stunning museums that host many historical artifacts and even more stories.

These 7 museums are clustered together on the street, fittingly named Museumsmile. A quick stroll along this street will introduce you to a rich history and a lot of contemporary art. The rest of the country has many towns, and the larger ones have castles that have been transformed into museums and galleries because cultural transformations here are quite popular. 

The Only Grand Duchy in the World

Although this is not the most prominent attraction of the country, it is essential to note that Luxembourg is the only Grand Duchy in the world. The current Grand Duke Henri has residences spread throughout the country. 

Fun Architecture and Charming People

Taking a stroll through the cities and countryside, you will notice that Luxembourg has many quirky and impressive architectural styles, as evident in the castles and buildings. Explore the many different styles and admire the public buildings as you interact with friendly locals who will undoubtedly teach you a few new worlds in different languages. You will rarely feel like a tourist as the people of Luxembourg are very welcome. 

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